I have relied on Debra’s advice for many years. It is alway sound and achievable. She has a fresh perspective on parenting and life and a world view and outlook. I trust her opinion in my life and the life of my child.
Danielle’s Rating: 5 Stars

Debra’s skills as a therapist far surpass those of many others I’ve had contact with in this field. Her extensive knowledge of human development coupled with her intuitive nature provides powerful guidance for those seeking such help. I would recommend her for a variety of issues in any family situation requiring support.
Cheryl’s Rating: 5 Stars

I have known Debra for many years and have been fortunate enough to experience her help and advice with many issues. She listens to my two daughters and offers them genuine, kind and clearly thought out ideas to sort out specific problems. They love her and trust her- what more could a mom want!
Linda’s Rating: 5 Stars

After growing up in a whacked family with every kind of abuse/tragedy you could think of, I finally found someone who could help me tie all my loose ends together and become whole. I’ve tried quite a few therapists but did not last with them for very long because they could not see how to help me grow into the completely secure and confident person I always knew I could be. Debra has done just that. She is BRILLIANT. I’ll keep this short, but she also helped me save my marriage when I was ready to walk out.
Sparky’s Rating: 5 Stars

Debra Jedeikin is incredibly gifted. She is inspirational, real and practical all at the same time. She has a gentle way of encouraging growth and awakening. What an enormous difference she has made in my life!
Patty’s Rating: 5 Stars